Eclipse | JUnit | Macraigor API | Installing JUnit | Starting a Project

Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

You need to have the Eclipse (Ganymede) IDE installed on your PC.

You can download our preconfigured version of Eclipse 3.4.2  Ganymede from:

Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) + Plug-ins for Windows XP/2000/Vista
Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) + Plug-ins for Linux32
Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) + Plug-ins for Linux64
Alternatively you can download the latest version from the Eclipse web site: -> Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
(There are separate Windows, Linux 32 and Linux 64 downloads),
then follow these directions to install the Plug-ins required to run the example Eclipse/gnu.Junit projects provided

JUnit and the Macraigor API

You can get JUnit 4.8 and the Macraigor API in one package from the Macraigor web site. JUnit is also available separately here.

We expect that MacraigorAPI.jar and JUnit4.8.jar end up in your /usr/local/bin directory.

Install packages for the Macraigor API and JUnit 4.8 (click on the appropriate host):

Windows 32 bit hosts
Linux 32 bit hosts
Linux 64 bit hosts

Examples of JUnit board test projects are included in this download and will be found ...

Windows: ... \Program Files\Macraigor Systems\EclipseDemos\Ganymede\<manufacturer>\<board>
Linux: /usr/local/macraigor/EclipseDemos/Ganymede/<manufacturer>/<board>

Installing JUnit

Optionally, open the “Project Explorer” as shown here:

Open the Project Explorer

Choose “Help” from the main menu, then choose “Software Updates...”

Choose help -> Software Updates

Choose the “Available Software” tab and expand the “Ganymede Update Site” topic. Then expand “Java Development” and choose “Eclipse Java Development Tools.” Next, expand “Uncategorized” and scroll down ...

Place a check mark next to “TPTP JUnit Plug-in Test Tools” then click on the “Install...” button.

Starting a JUnit project ...

Open the “Project Explorer”

From the main menu, choose “File” → “New” → “Java Project”

Give the project a name, then hit the “Next >” button:

Choose the “Libraries” tab and hit the “Add External JARs...” button, navigate to /usr/local/bin directory and choose the “junit-4.8.jar” and the “MacraigorAPI.jar” files, hit “Open" and then “Finish”

You should now see this:

In the main menu, go to “File” → “New” → “JUnit Test Case”

Give the package a name and then name the specific board. Choose any stubs you want to create and hit the “Finish” button.

You are now ready to code!